Thought Leadership Events & collaboration

Thought Leadership Events & Collaboration

At Responsible Growth, we take pride in our active participation in thought leadership events and collaborations aimed at advancing responsible growth and market research excellence. These events provide a platform for us to engage with industry experts, share knowledge, and drive positive change. Our commitment to promoting responsible growth goes hand in hand with our dedication to ethical research practices and building an inclusive community of like-minded professionals. Here are some highlights of our recent events and initiatives:

ESOMAR Connect Dubai 2023: A Beacon of Market Research Excellence

In June 2023, Zahia Boumaiz, our ESOMAR Representative for the Middle East & founder of Responsible Growth, and John Presutti, ESOMAR UAE National Representative, hosted the first edition of ESOMAR Connect in Dubai. The event’s theme, “Sustainability Revolution in the Middle East,” explored the profound business impacts of transitioning to sustainability. It featured insightful panel discussions and keynote presentations from prominent figures in the field.

ESOMAR Membership: Global Insights Community

Responsible Growth is a proud member of ESOMAR, the global insights community. Our membership highlights our commitment to ethical research practices and our ability to leverage global insights to drive responsible growth.

Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to engage with us and contribute to the responsible growth journey. We are continually exploring new ways to drive positive change in the world of business and market research.

Upcoming Events and Collaborations

As we continue to champion responsible growth, we are actively working on upcoming events and collaborations. Stay updated with our latest initiatives to be part of the journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

Join us in these events and collaborations as we collectively drive positive change, promote ethical research, and contribute to the responsible growth of businesses around the world.

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